Working Together

In June 2017, Tetbury Lions facilitated a workshop for 50 delegates and 7 speakers representing 40 caring organisations serving the town. This workshop sought to improve networking between caring organisations and establish a database from which caring professionals can prioritise their efforts in serving the community. A comprehensive report has been produced on the conference, which is produced as a pdf here.


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How can we help?

This website has been set up as a result of the Tetbury Cares conference to help find the many services available to you. If you, or someone you know, need information about any of the help available, simply click on a topic that interests you in “THE PLACE TO START”, and we will take you to the support that you may be looking for.

SAVE A LIFE РA quick guide to CPR. The feature in the March issue of the Tetbury Advertiser is highlighting the work of the British Heart Foundation. If you can spare a few minutes which could save a life, watch the video HERE

TETBURY ADVERTISER – Every month, the magazine supports Tetbury Cares by featuring one of the organisations.

If you are a service provider and would like to know more about the TETBURY CARES conference, or add your organisation to the website, please click HERE

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